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Yes, You Are Entitled to Compensation

Auto / Truck accident attorney in Birmingham, AL

You’re injured. Your car is significantly damaged. You’re in the hospital. You’re facing a tremendous number of bills, as well as pain. You’re going to be out of work for a while. You have insurance companies breathing down your neck.

Your next thought should be to call an attorney.

Petro Law Firm has helped hundreds of individuals who have been injured due to a motor vehicle accident. Don’t sign any insurance paperwork or agree to anything without a lawyer present. You are entitled to a maximum amount of compensation because of your injuries and losses. The compensation may cover:

• Medical Expenses
• Pain and Suffering/ Permanent Injury/ Disfigurement/ Scarring/ Mental Anguish/ Emotional Distress
• Lost Income/ Loss Of Future Earning Capacity

Mark Petro and his team will help you protect your interests and fight to get you damages in the courtroom, if it comes down to it. Petro Law Firm wants to support you in this endeavor, so you aren’t feeling any additional stress and pain from the situation.

Don’t let an automobile or truck accident wreck your life. With our passionate, experienced lawyer by your side, you can get compensation. Contact Petro Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with our auto and truck accident attorney in Birmingham, AL.

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