Worker's Compensation Law

Have you been injured while working for your employer?

Have you taken the appropriate steps to take action?

Petro Law Firm, P.C. of Birmingham, AL finds that many of our clients are initially afraid to seek out an attorney, because they fear they will lose their job or they aren’t sure how to pursue a claim.

First, the insurance company providing your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage will be notified of your injury and begin investigating your claim. Afterwards, the insurance company will determine what benefits will be paid to you based on the injury.

What are your rights? Are you getting all the benefits you deserve? Immediately after an on the job injury, an injured employee should meet with an experienced Birmingham workers’ compensation attorney who is familiar with worker’s compensation laws in Alabama and who will make sure you take all the right steps.

Workers’ compensation provides wage replacement compensation while you are taken off work, medical treatment, compensation for permanent injuries, compensation for future loss of earning capacity and in some instances vocational retraining . Also, under Alabama law it is illegal for an employer to fire an employee in retaliation for filing a worker's compensation claim.

Call Petro Law Firm, P.C. in Birmingham, AL today for a trained and experienced work comp attorney who can effectively represent you.

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