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18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

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18 wheeler truck accidents lawyer

Trucks are often seen on our country’s roadways and interstates. These vehicles play a crucial role in our economy, transporting commodities from one location to another to fulfill the needs of our growing population. Although large vehicles are necessary, they represent a considerable danger to motorists, particularly when semi-truck drivers are careless, trucks are left in disrepair, or company owners disregard government safety laws.

Our truck accident lawyers at Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys are here to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in the complexities of semi-truck accident cases. To explore your options, schedule an appointment now.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Shelby, AL?

Typically, recovering your losses in a trucking accident starts with filing a claim with any insurance companies involved. This is the first step in negotiating a reasonable settlement with the insurance company, the trucking company, or the driver responsible. If the negotiations fail, your lawyer will file a case in the appropriate court. In most cases, the lawsuit will make a claim of negligence requiring you to show proof that the other party disregarded their duty of reasonable care while driving, causing injuries and damages.

Trucking companies, as well as insurance companies, have much more resources than most semi-truck accident victims. As a result, the power dynamics shift in favor of the trucking companies, making it extremely difficult for victims to succeed in negotiations. Keeping the payout as low as possible is the goal of any business, after all. A skilled 18 wheeler truck accidents lawyer can help you build your case according to the evidence so that you receive the most compensation.

If you and the trucking company cannot reach a settlement, a truck accident attorney will be invaluable while you pursue justice in court. Your attorney will be knowledgeable about the litigation process, court processes, and the law.

When you employ a large truck accident attorney, you are also hiring someone with the experience to help you determine the value of your losses. Some losses, including pain and suffering and loss of pleasure, are challenging to quantify, allowing the opposite party or insurance company to take advantage of a plaintiff who lacks the necessary information about assessing damages. Your personal injury attorney is your most valuable asset in your 18-wheeler truck accident lawsuit. 

Allow the experienced trial attorneys at the Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys to help you understand your rights, and obtain the medical treatment and the payout you need. Contact us right away to discuss your case!

Why are Semi-Truck Accidents so Often Fatal?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5005 deaths involving heavy trucks in 2019 and 4895 in 2020. Accidents involving trucks, semis, 18-wheelers, or other commercial vehicles can result in significant injuries and damage. 

Trucks are enormous! They can weigh two or three times as much as automobiles, weighing up to 80,000 pounds. Since cars are significantly smaller, they are heavily crushed in an accident, absorbing most of the damage. Furthermore, commercial vehicle accidents often occur at high speeds on the highway, which may exacerbate the severity of the collision and the resultant damages. 

A variety of factors may contribute to trucking accidents. Driver error is often the root cause. In certain circumstances, the trucking firm is at fault, especially if it fails to maintain or check its fleet, load goods properly, or educate its drivers properly. Mechanical breakdowns are another cause of commercial vehicle accidents. 

Because so many diverse parties are often involved, commercial truck accidents can be hard to manage without the assistance of a competent personal injury attorney. 

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Large Truck Accidents?

Accidents involving 18-wheelers often result in severe injury. Brain damage, concussions, head injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are prevalent, and so are back and spinal injuries, paralysis, and wrongful death in the worst situations. Unsurprisingly, such personal injuries can lead to severe damages, such as:

  • Your medical bill, including hospital expenses, doctor’s visits, prescription costs, as well as medical tests, and imaging
  • Lost wages as a consequence of the victim’s inability to work
  • Damage to personal property, like your car, resulting in repair fees or perhaps total loss
  • Your pain and suffering, as well as any loss of your bodily functions
  • Mental suffering and psychological trauma 
  • The decline in your quality of life, especially the inability to enjoy previous interests

Who Is to Blame for The Truck Crash?

The initial research and investigation are the most critical stages in every trucking accident case. This is when we gather evidence to show how your accident happened and who is to blame. We work hard to sift through the material collected at the accident site and from the truck itself, such as poring through logbooks and records of the trucking company and downloading information from electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs). 

Our 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer can consult accident reconstruction specialists and collect police reports, hospital records, and other evidence to identify the precise cause of the incident.

The following may have caused your accident:

Truck Driver 

Here are typical examples of irresponsible and reckless driving by a big rig driver:

  • Failure to conduct adequate pre-trip inspections, 
  • Driving at speed for the weather or road conditions, 
  • Committing illegal or hazardous maneuvers and passes, 
  • Failure to brake, 
  • Driving while sleepy, 
  • Incorrectly securing cargo, 
  • Texting or using a mobile phone behind the wheel, and 
  • Driving while intoxicated

Trucking company

Below are some ways the trucking firm may be to blame:

  • Not having or following good safety plans, 
  • Encouraging drivers to drive dangerously, 
  • Hiring drivers without thorough background checks would show the driver’s criminal, safety, and health history, as well as any problems they may have had with driving under the influence. 
  • Failure to check and maintain their fleet’s rigs, such as outfitting them with safety and emergency gear.

Truck Manufacturer

Even the most cautious trucker or fleet operator can be involved in an accident if the truck and its parts, such as brakes, tires, hydraulics, gears, and lights, are malfunctioning. You can claim compensation for catastrophic injury caused by defective products with a product liability claim.

After an Accident, How Long Do You Have to Take Legal Action?

According to Section 6-2-38 of the Alabama Code, the time limitation for filing a lawsuit after a traffic collision is two years. The deadline might be shorter in some instances.

Don’t procrastinate! Your case may be dropped if you file too late! Even the best lawyers need time to investigate to prepare a viable case. Call our law office now to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer on your truck accident case!

Get Our Experienced Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer to Work for You!

Have you been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler or another big commercial vehicle? Talk to an Alabama law firm that has previously handled many 18 wheeler accident cases.

The trucking industry is highly regulated, and the trucking company’s insurance carrier will dispatch a team to the scene of the accident immediately after it happens. Without the expertise of an experienced 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer, you may be unable to protect your rights and guarantee that evidence is preserved.

Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys have handled all truck accident cases, ensuring our deserving clients get full and fair compensation. We have also advocated for families who have lost family members in preventable semi-truck accidents.

If you or a loved one was a truck accident victim, contact us right now to schedule a consultation with our experienced team! 

Our Alabama lawyers from Shelby, Jefferson, Madison, Limestone, and Morgan are available to meet with you in person to discuss the specifics of your accident and answer any concerns you may have. We will discuss your legal rights and describe what to expect as we proceed with your compensation claim.

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