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6 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Motorcycle Injury Claim

What NOT To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Being in a motorcycle accident is not something most riders prepare for. However, it’s important to be wise about what you say and do following a motorcycle accident. Your words, actions, and/or lack of action can help or hurt your motorcycle injury case. Here are 6 mistakes that can ruin your motorcycle personal injury claim:

1. Not calling the police

The negligent driver will likely try to convince you to leave the police out of the situation. But, without the police at the scene of the accident, you will lose important evidence that will help you prove the other driver’s negligence. The police will investigate the cause of the crash and write a police report that includes details of how the crash happened, driver and witness statements, conclusions as to who was at fault, and any traffic citations issued. Even with the help of the police, you should still collect and document as much evidence as you can on your own. Don’t lose this critical evidence!

2. Not getting in the ambulance or postponing medical treatment

Getting medical treatment for your injuries promptly, and for as long as you need, is one of the best things you can do for your personal injury claim. When a motorcycle accident occurs, call the police and an ambulance to the scene. If you think you might be hurt, GET IN THE AMBULANCE. This way you can not only make sure you’re okay but also prevent the insurance company from assuming you are not injured as badly as you claim. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to accept the medical attention you need!

3. Admitting fault to insurance adjusters

As much as you want to be nice after an accident, you never want to admit that the accident was your fault or even say that you’re sorry. Even if you think you’re at fault, you may be wrong. The insurance adjusters may try to take advantage of your statement and deny your claim from the start. When you speak to insurance adjusters and the police about the accident, only give the information that is necessary to make a claim. Be careful about saying too much — anything you say can be used as evidence!

4. Posting about the accident on social media

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, it is wise to refrain from posting on social media about the accident, your injuries, and any medical treatment. Your personal social media posts may be used against you!

5. Repairing your motorcycle

Bikers are often eager to repair their motorcycles as quickly as possible to get back on the road. But, if you repair the bike, you are destroying important evidence. It is best to keep damaged bikes, helmets, and riding gear in their post-accident condition until they have been properly inspected and documented by your attorney.

6. Not hiring a personal injury attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is not hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately after your accident. Motorcycle injury claims can become quite technical, especially if multiple parties are involved and your injuries are severe.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help riders avoid making mistakes, collect the necessary evidence, and fight for you so you receive all that you deserve in your settlement.

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