Semi trucks and 18-wheelers play an important role in our economy, but can also be incredibly dangerous. Compared to a car or pickup, they are less agile, require longer stopping distances, and their size and weight can cause catastrophic injuries during a crash. When a driver or a trucking company’s negligence result in serious or fatal injuries, you need to consult with a truck accident lawyer.

Below, the injury attorneys at Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys discuss Alabama truck accident law and how you can protect yourself after a wreck.

What Are The Main Causes Of Alabama Truck Accidents?

Every truck accident is different. Your case deserves a detailed investigation and a customized evaluation by a truck accident lawyer. However, research and data suggests that there are some common factors that cause most truck and 18-wheeler accidents.

Some of the various workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to include:

  • Driver behavior, such as speeding, failure to yield the right of way, and improper lane changes
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk and drugged driving
  • Driver fatigue, sometimes due to company coercion and unreasonably long hauls
  • Poorly loaded trucks that are unbalanced and difficult to maneuver
  • Improperly maintained vehicles and defective auto parts
  • Other violations of federal and state truck safety rules
  • Irresponsible trucking company practices, such as negligent hiring

When you work with the Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys, we will do everything in our power to identify the exact causes of your truck accident. When a truck accident lawyer at our office investigates a truck wreck, we carefully review the evidence and consult with expert witnesses (when necessary). We know that trucking and insurance companies use aggressive tactics when defending themselves. And we know how to fight back.

Consult With An Alabama Truck Accident Lawyer

After a truck accident, the driver’s insurance company will rush a team of personnel to the site, trying to minimize their risk. If you don’t have an experienced Alabama truck accident lawyer at your side, you discover that valuable evidence was destroyed and that you’ve made statements that damage your case.

The personal injury lawyers at Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys want to help. We use our experience and insight to fight for truck accident victims. Our goal is to help them recover both emotionally and financially after a wreck and get the compensation that they deserve. To request a complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session, contact our office today.

Who Is Responsible For My Truck Accident Injuries?

When it comes to truck accidents, Alabama is a fault-based state. This means that the at-fault driver’s insurance company must pay for the victims’ injuries — up to the insurance policy’s limits. In a truck wreck, you may have injury claims against the driver or their trucking company (if the driver is an employee). However, that’s only the beginning of your claim.

Many times, a skilled truck accident lawyer will identify other parties who contributed to your injuries. This may be the company that improperly loaded the semi truck, a mechanic who improperly maintained the truck’s safety systems, or a bar that knowingly over-served alcohol to the driver. Other times, you may have product liability claims when a defective or dangerous truck part caused your injuries.

You also may have claims against your own insurance company. Many Alabama drivers purchase supplemental auto insurance coverage that help offset their losses. This coverage includes uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which steps in when the driver or trucking company’s policies won’t cover all of your losses, or the driver was uninsured.

If you need help identifying all of the at-fault parties in your claim or have questions about your UM/UIM coverage, contact Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys today. We’ll help you understand your options and give you real-world advice. Our initial consultations are always complimentary with no obligation.

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    Common Truck Accident Injuries

    Semi-truck accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries, from mild bumps and bruises to life-changing traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and fatal burns. Many times, truck accident victims have an assortment of injuries that, when combined, limit their ability to work, perform daily chores, and do the things they love.

    At Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys, we regularly see truck accident victims with:
    • Concussions and TBIs
    • Spine, neck, and back injuries, including herniated discs and degenerative disc disease
    • Broken bones
    • Facial injuries and disfigurement
    • Shoulder, knee, and hip damage
    • Organ damage and internal bleeding
    • Burns, cuts, and contusions
    • Soft tissue injuries, including whiplash, sprains, and strains
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional injuries

    Without a clear understanding of your injuries, a truck accident lawyer can’t fully calculate your damages or educate a jury about how the accident has changed your life. Because your injuries are unique and complex, we typically work with our client’s doctors and consult with medical experts during a truck accident claim.

    How Much Is My Alabama Truck Accident Claim Worth?

    While money can never bring you back to your pre-accident condition, it can provide stability and ensure that you get the care that you need. At Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys, we take our job of calculating truck wreck victims’ damages very seriously.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple formula or online calculator that can pinpoint your exact losses. Instead, it’s always best to work alongside an experienced truck accident lawyer who will consider numerous factors as part of your calculations,

    • Available insurance coverage and policy limits
    • The severity of your injuries
    • Your ability to return to work after the crash
    • The cost of your past and future medical care
    • Your need for long-term care services
    • Your pre-accident wage-earning capacity
    • The extent of your pain and suffering
    • Whether you can participate in pre-accident hobbies and activities
    • Whether the at-fault parties intentionally harmed you or were grossly negligent
    • Whether you need assistance with routine tasks, such as housecleaning, grocery shopping, and lawn care

    Consult with a truck accident lawyer at Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys today. We’ll listen to your story and help you understand the value of your case.



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