What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Alabama?

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Alabama?

Causes of Car Accidents in Birmingham, AL, and What to Do Next

We know how stressful a car accident’s aftermath may be for you and your loved ones. According to Alabama state law, you have the right to request just recompense for your injuries. Our reliable automobile accident attorneys will battle valiantly to ensure that all negligent parties are held accountable and that you receive the highest possible settlement for your damages.

At Petro Immigration Attorneys, we assist injured persons and their families throughout Alabama in investigating traffic accidents and pursuing compensation for their injuries and losses. Read through to learn about the most frequent causes of car crashes, what you should do if ever you are in a car accident, and extra tips on claiming insurance following a crash.

Leading Causes of Alabama Car Accidents

Many vehicle accident victims worry about establishing who was at blame and how their accident occurred. The assistance of our seasoned Birmingham personal injury attorney can make a difference. 

Driver-caused accidents

Inattentive Driving.

Distraction is not limited to texting or conversing on the phone. It allows any distraction to divert your focus away from the road and safe driving, such as talking with passengers, fiddling with the controls, eating, drinking, smoking, or grooming.

Sleepy Driving.

When drivers are medicated or lack sufficient rest, they might get sleepy and fall asleep behind the wheel. This is another prevalent cause of semi-truck accidents.

Drunk Driving.

According to the DOT, many Alabama drivers who caused accidents in 2016 were penalized for alcohol or drug usage. Even the use of certain prescription medications before driving might be hazardous. Make no mistake. Impaired motorists lack the judgment and motor control necessary for safe driving. They put everyone on the road in danger of being injured or killed.

Inexperienced or Teenage Drivers.

On the road, many teenagers demonstrate safety and responsibility. Kids are nonetheless less experienced and lack judgment as a group. Therefore, they are more prone to engage in unsafe conduct, such as speeding and driving while distracted.

Careless Driving.

Careless driving refers to the operation of a motor vehicle with a flagrant disregard for the safety of others. This may involve driving at extremely high speeds, weaving through traffic, and other aggressive driving habits.

Disobeying Stop Signs or Red Lights.

The purpose of road rules is to keep traffic moving and people safe. Bicyclists and pedestrians are endangered when motorists disobey traffic restrictions such as lights and stop signs at crossings.


According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, speeding is the leading cause of fatal collisions. This involves exceeding posted speed restrictions and driving too quickly for the road, weather, and traffic circumstances. When drivers speed, they risk losing control of their vehicles and cannot prevent crashes due to a lack of time and space.


Too-close following is the primary cause of rear-end crashes. If you tailgate a motorist, you will be unable to prevent a collision if the car in front of you must abruptly slow down or stop.

Unsafe Lane Shift.

When drivers turn or merge without enough room and cut off other drivers, they might create accidents. They may also cause accidents by not using their turn signals.

Incorrect Direction of Driving or Inappropriate Turns.

U-turn limits are in place to avoid fatal collisions at blind junctions and other hazardous locations. Some drivers disregard these safeguards and cause fatal crashes. Similarly, drivers might feel disoriented in strange or novel environments, including traveling in the wrong direction on interstates and motorways.


Design Flaws.

Some cars are constructed improperly. Certain automobiles with inadequately built roofs have been renowned for rollover accidents and crushing injuries. Similarly, poor brakes and steering mechanisms can also result in accidents. Design flaws or product defect in an automobile is one of the top most common cause of car accidents in the state of Alabama.



In Alabama, several single-car accidents, road runoffs, and even head-on collisions are caused by cars swerving to escape a deer, dog, or another animal that darts into the road.

Construction Sites.

Construction zones on the highway might be hazardous. The abrupt lane changes, signage, and lighting can confuse and disorient drivers. In these places, you must constantly limit your pace and be vigilant.

Evening Driving.

When driving at night, drivers must take extra measures. Neglecting to utilize headlights, disregarding limits or constraints on nighttime driving, and exceeding one’s comfort zone while driving can all lead to major accidents.

Poor Road Repairs.

It should not be surprising that a significant portion of Alabama’s roads is in terrible shape, with others in complete ruin. When local, state, and federal governments let massive potholes form on highways, these dangers can contribute to fatal collisions.

The Weather (Ice, Snow, Rain, Fog).

Most of Alabama does not receive a significant quantity of snow during the winter, although rain, freezing rain, ice, sleet, and hail can be problematic. When unfavorable weather conditions, drivers must slow down and apply common sense.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Alabama?

Car Accident Attorney In Birmingham, AL

After a car accident, you may be injured, terrified, and unclear about what to do. You may be anxious about how to respond to insurance adjuster phone calls and what to say.

Your actions during this chaotic and perplexing period will significantly influence the outcome of your case. Remember, if you’ve been in a car collision:

  • Collect yourself and gather your thoughts.
  • Ensure that everyone in your car is safe and will be okay soon.
  • Gather the names and contact details of witnesses.
  • Take many photographs of the accident site, showing the positions of all cars involved.
  • Contact the police and submit a report of the occurrence.
  • Get examined by a doctor. The emergency room is always an option if no other medical options are available.
  • Contact Petro Immigration Attorneys to discuss your case and alternatives with our knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Birmingham, AL.

How to Claim Insurance After a Car Accident in Alabama?

Not every car crash necessitates legal representation. If you have been involved in a minor rear-end collision with no injuries and minimal property damage, a lawyer may not be able to give much assistance. However, many accident situations need the expertise, talent, and resources of an experienced personal injury attorney to seek justice and compensation for the afflicted.

Insurance Providers

Dealing with insurance providers is one of the most challenging components of vehicle accident situations. The primary objective of insurers is to generate profits, not to pay out settlements. These firms will do everything they can to delay, discount, or deny your claim. Even if your claim is successful, dealing with insurers on your own may likely prevent you from receiving the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Although insurance company officials frequently claim that modest property damage does not constitute injury, we have discovered over the years that physicians and juries do not always concur. If you are wounded, do not accept the adjuster’s word for it; instead, rely on the knowledge and experience of our Birmingham personal injury attorney to successfully convey your story.

If your case involves any of the following, you may benefit from our professional legal assistance if you have been in an accident:

  • You or a loved one sustained injuries resulting in medical expenses and lost wages.
  • The insurance company proposes a payment that looks inadequate or is made before the real nature of your injuries and losses is known.
  • Your insurance company disputes the entire loss value of your car.
  • You receive contradictory information or requests from several insurers, including your auto and health insurance providers.

Pursue the Right Claim with a Reliable Huntsville, AL Car Accident Attorney!

In some circumstances, it may appear evident who is at fault for an accident, but in most cases, determining liability requires a comprehensive study of the facts. An early evaluation and planning can aid in avoiding problems that may occur later. Unpredictable collisions occur, and many drivers are unaware of all the contributing circumstances.

Contacting our office to explore the merits of your case and whether or not you may benefit from our legal counsel is free if you have been involved in an accident. You alone decide whether to retain our professional personal injury attorney in Birmingham, AL. We will offer you straightforward, sincere advice. Throughout the process, we are responsible for providing you with the information and guidance you need to make decisions.

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