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The experience of being bitten by a dog can be terrifying. And it may put you in a position where you require the assistance of a Birmingham dog bites attorney to ensure that you are compensated adequately for the medical care that your injuries require.  Residents of Birmingham who have suffered as a result of a dog owner’s negligence can file a lawsuit. However, dog bite laws can be complicated. It can be very difficult to demonstrate what the owner should have known or done to stop the injury from happening. You will require a personal injury lawyer who can comprehend the nuances of how to argue the case successfully.  Having Petro Accident and Injury Attorney on your side can increase your chances of success. If you are now ready to seek justice and damages claims, call our law office immediately!

Why do I need a Dog Bites Lawyer in Alabama?

Victims of animal attacks are treated favorably by Alabama’s dog bite laws. Nonetheless, receiving compensation can be challenging due to the issue of the victim’s damages and the efforts of the parties liable for payment. Dog owners and their insurers will attempt to minimize the severity of your injuries and their liability by establishing a sequence of events that is less likely to result in a favorable outcome for you. It is strongly advised that you speak with a Birmingham dog bite attorney at Petro Accident and Injury Attorney as soon as the attack occurs. Even though you could try to handle your case independently, a dog bit lawyer is already familiar with the laws, guidelines, and rules about dog bites. Our lawyers can spot the flaws in the claims made by the owners, insurers, and experts who want to prevent you from receiving fair compensation. Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys are familiar with navigating your case from start to finish while getting you the highest possible settlement for your injuries. Try not to handle your case by yourself. Speak with our Alabama dog bites lawyer right away!

Dog Bites Injuries

Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” and our interactions with them have grown over time. However, there are times when they are not friendly at all. There are circumstances in which these pets can become dangerous. Some are hostile, unpredictable, and even combat-trained. These variables can lead to a dog attacking you or a loved one. If a dog bites you, you are not the only one. These mishaps occur frequently, and you have legal recourse. Dog bites can cause serious injuries, including
  • Bruises and abrasions
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Dislocations
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Crush injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Amputation
  • Wrongful death
Dog bite victims typically need several surgeries, including corrective plastic surgery. Additionally, they need therapy for PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia. A dog bite can leave lasting psychological and physical scars.  If you or a loved one sustained injuries from a dog bite, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation from a Birmingham dog bites lawyer to help assess your options in pursuing damages. 

What are the Alabama Dog Bite Laws?

Laws governing pet ownership and dog bites vary from state to state. These laws govern who and when a dog bite victim may file a claim for damages against a dog’s owner or another party. Alabama’s dog bite laws are based on a tort system. A tort is defined as a wrongful act, such as dog owner negligence. If a dog owner was negligent and caused your injuries, you might have a case against them. In Alabama, dog owners are liable for damages caused by their pets if:
  • The dog was not provoked in any way. You couldn’t have prompted the dog to react violently. This might involve yanking the dog’s tail, prodding the animal, or hurting it. The owner of the dog can use provocation as a form of defense.
  • The victim was not trespassing. To seek damages, you must have been lawfully on private or public property at the time of the dog attack. The pet owner did not owe you a duty of care to prevent the dog bite if you were trespassing.
  • The dog was a vicious breed or had previously attacked. Proof that the pet owner was aware of or should have been aware of the dog’s propensity to bite is necessary for a claim of negligence. If the owner was aware, they were obligated to prevent an attack.
The burden of proof to establish that the pet owner is to blame for the injuries under Alabama’s dog bite law is on the victims. It is your responsibility as the victim to prove that the owner’s negligent handling of a dangerous animal caused or significantly contributed to your injuries. The state courts will only then award compensation for your damages. You need a Birmingham dog bites attorney on your side if a dog has attacked you or someone you care about to help you weigh your options and ensure that you receive the fair financial compensation you are entitled to.

What is the Mailman Law in Alabama?

According to Alabama Code Section 3-6-1, the owner of any dog that attacks or injures a person without justification in a place where the victim has a legal right to be is responsible for the victim’s damages. The victim must be on the pet owner’s property at the time of the attack or simply be on the property when the dog attacks and pursues the victim of the property for this liability to be applicable.  The law was created to safeguard mail carriers who frequently face the risk of dog attacks while legally delivering mail to a pet owner’s property.

What are the Birmingham Local Dog Laws?

In many Alabama municipalities, dog owners must abide by specific dog laws. The city’s Code of Ordinances, Article B, contains the local laws for Birmingham. Local regulations in Birmingham forbid the ownership of animals older than three months who have not been vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, it is illegal to allow pets to run loose or without a leash that restrains them. The city also upholds other laws.
  • Removal of sanitary pet waste
  • Care for tethered dogs
  • Releasing a dog that belongs to someone else
  • Retaining aggressive dogs without adequately securing them
  • Other laws governing and caring for pets
You might have a negligence case against the pet owner if they violated a city or state pet ownership law, which led to your dog attack injuries. You do not need to demonstrate that the owner was negligent in failing to stop your injuries to establish negligence. To prove negligence and the owner’s liability for your damages, it may be sufficient to show that the dog owner broke the law.

What Do I Need to Know about Negligence and the One-Bite Rule?

If Alabama’s Dog Bite Statute does not apply in your case, the case switches to the One-Bite Rule’s guidelines. The key question under the One-Bite Rule is whether the owner should have been aware of the dog’s dangerous tendencies. This aspect will determine whether the court will hold the owner accountable. The court is unlikely to hold the dog owner liable for someone else’s injuries if they can show that their dog has never bitten anyone or displayed aggressive behavior. However, the owner had a duty to take reasonable precautions to stop a further attack if the dog had previously bit someone or displayed signs of aggression. When dog owners breach this obligation, the courts will hold them liable for any harm the dog bite resulted in. If owners knowingly keep a dangerous dog on the premises, the courts may find them negligent in their obligations as dog owners. The owner of a rabid dog is responsible for twice as much damage as the victim, including harm to the victim’s livestock, such as pigs, cattle, or stock. The courts may hold the owner liable if they permit a dog with dangerous tendencies to roam free and the dog bites someone.

What Do I Need to Know about Alabama Contributory Negligence and Dog Bites?

Contributory negligence is when you engage in behavior that might be construed as negligence and directly causes your injury.  In a dog bite case, the owner might contend that you provoked the animal in some other way. These claims are significant because a defendant in an Alabama civil lawsuit may assert contributory negligence as an affirmative defense.  Contributory negligence will prevent a victim from receiving compensation if it is established. Ensure to get in touch with a Birmingham dog bites attorney before speaking with any insurance company representatives to prevent this outcome.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Dog Bites?

Statutes of limitations, or deadlines for filing, apply to dog bite claims in every state. The statute of limitations is a deadline by which an injured party must file their claim or risk losing their ability to do so.  The statute of limitations for dog bite claims in Alabama is two years after the date of the harm. Most courts would dismiss the case without holding a hearing if a claimant filed a lawsuit after the statute of limitations had already passed. The last thing you would want to happen is to lose the opportunity to seek fair compensation for your damages. Reach out to an Alabama dog bites attorney as soon as possible to begin your case evaluation. 

What are my Rights as a Dog Bite Victim?

Dog attacks frequently result in a lifelong fear of dogs or the outdoors, especially in children who are the victims. Getting compensation with the help of an Alabama dog bites attorney can help victims feel lighter by removing their financial burden. If a dog bit you in Alabama, you might be able to file a lawsuit to recover money for the following damages
  • Medical expenses
  • Surgeries
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Loss of wages 
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional harm
  • Wrongful death  
Whether or not you know the owner of the dog that bit you, you have the legal right to bring them to court if the dog was on the owner’s property, you were there legally, and the dog attacked without provocation.  Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys should be contacted if you believe your dog bite accident was caused by owner negligence. Our Birmingham dog bite attorneys are well-versed in handling minor and severe dog bite cases to assist you in obtaining compensation.

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Dog bites are unique cases because the victim often knows the responsible party well most of the time. In your case, the dog owner could be a longtime neighbor, friend, or family member. Consequently, you may be concerned about the personal financial hardship that filing a personal injury claim will cause. Keep in mind that the majority of dog attack claims are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy of dog owner. You may believe that filing a dog bite claim will not be as difficult as filing other types of personal injury claims, but insurers do not want to pay any amount for any claim. As a result, the settlements they offer are typically significantly lower than what victims are entitled to. Contacting a Birmingham dog bite attorney as soon as possible is your best course of action. Regardless of who the dog owner is, it is your right to pursue justice. Petro Accident and Injury Attorney can assess your case and inform you of its potential value and respond to any inquiries you might have.  Time is of the essence in any injury claim. Do not think twice. Get professional advice from our personal injury law firm right away!

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