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How Do I Find the Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

3 Tips to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a car accident? Are you looking for the best car accident lawyer near you? Hiring the best car accident attorney to represent you or a loved one in a personal injury case is a critical factor in a successful recovery. Your attorney can be the difference in getting the compensation you deserve or going home with nothing.

Finding a Car Accident Lawyer Near You

The stress and shock of a car accident can be overwhelming. It’s normal to feel rushed to make decisions or answer an insurance adjuster right after a car accident. BUT, you don’t have to cave to the pressure. That’s one of the many mistakes victims make after an accident. Do some research of your own to hire a trustworthy and experienced personal injury attorney. Here is some practical advice to find the best car accident attorney near you:

Beware of billboards and solicitation letters.

First and foremost, don’t make the mistake of selecting a car accident attorney from billboards, ads, or a solicitation letter alone. Take time to meet with or call a few personal injury attorneys to discuss your case.

Ask questions.

When you speak or meet with prospective car accident attorneys, ask them questions like how much experience do they have with cases like yours and how does their firm handles personal injury cases. Get to know what he/she stands for. Need help coming up with questions? Here are 9 questions to ask a personal injury attorney.

Request references.

Don’t be afraid to ask the attorney for references. This way you can rely on additional information and ask third parties and past clients about their experience with the attorney.

Mark Petro of Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys is one of those attorneys who will actually speak with you on the phone and enjoys getting to know his clients. We believe building a trusting relationship with a client is key to helping them maximize their recovery.

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If another driver caused the car accident and your injuries, Mark can help you navigate the claims process and get the compensation you deserve. We will inform you of your legal rights, the value of your car accident claim, and exactly who is liable for your injuries.

Contact Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation about your personal injury case. Mark has built a reputation of being the go-to guy to get car accident injury claims handled in a manner that maximizes the amount of recovery so that you get what you deserve sooner rather than later. Call Mark and let us fight for you!

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