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Help! A Dog Bit Me..What Do I Do?

Did you get injured due to a dog bite?


Nobody expects to be attacked by a dog.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are loyal, smart, and protective, and nobody ever expects to be bitten by one. Bites by dogs occur for a variety of reasons. Dog bites are prevalent in Alabama and across the United States. Approximately one person out of every 900 people is bitten by a dog, according to the National Canine Research Council. One in 65 of these incidents is considered severe, requiring hospitalization. 

You may be wondering what to do if you’ve been bitten by a dog. Dog bites can result in significant damage, and it is critical to take the appropriate actions to safeguard yourself and obtain recompense for your losses. We’ll guide you through the process of submitting a dog bite claim and receiving the compensation you deserve in this blog article.

1-3-e1645472528215-640x320What to do after a dog bite?

The first step is to visit a doctor. Because dog bites might result in serious infections, it’s critical to obtain treatment as soon as possible. Keep all of your medical records and receipts on hand while filing your claim because you’ll need them later.

Then you’ll need to get evidence. This might include photographs of your injuries, testimony from eyewitnesses, and anything else that will assist your claim. You must then fill out a police report once you’ve collected all of the necessary proof. Because it will create a permanent record of the event and may be used as evidence in your lawsuit, this is critical.

Now that you’ve completed the paperwork, you’re ready to submit your dog bite claim. You’ll need the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can walk you through the legal system and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. When meeting with your lawyer, keep all of your documents handy because they will be used to build a strong case on your behalf.

Who is responsible for a dog bite?

If you or a loved one was attacked in an unprovoked event by a dog, you may be eligible for compensation from the dog’s owner. Many individuals are bitten by dogs they know. The animal might belong to a family member, a close friend, or a neighbor. However, keep in mind that most dog bite injuries are covered under homeowners’ insurance policies, so you may receive money without requiring someone near you to pay out of pocket.

Dog bites are usually the responsibility of the dog’s owner, however this is not always the case. Property owners, landlords, and temporary and permanent handlers can sometimes be held responsible for canine bite injuries.

It’s possible to hold the dog’s owner responsible for your injuries as a result of an attack. An attorney with expertise in handling dog bite claims can assist you in determining who is to blame and help you seek the just compensation you deserve.


Who should I contact?

If you or a family member has been the victim of a dog attack, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experienced personal injury lawyers. The lawyers at Petro Accident and Injury Attorneys have significant experience handling dog bite claims and will fight tirelessly on your behalf. Contact us today for a free evaluation. We’ll review your case and help you understand your legal options. Call us at 256-533-5000.


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