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Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer

SUV Rollover Accidents in Alabama

Have you been injured in an SUV accident? After a serious car crash, you need more help than just insurance. Our Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer will fight for your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Call Petro Accident and Injury Attorney now to schedule your consultation. You’re a phone call away from experienced legal support.

Why Do I Need A Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer?

When you’re in a motor vehicle accident, injuries and damages can be devastating. If you’re injured, you need to focus on recovery, so the last thing you want is to have to deal with insurance claims and insurance companies. Having a Birmingham SUV rollover accident lawyer on your side means that you don’t have to worry about insurance companies trying to take advantage of your situation.

A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you receive the compensation to which you’re entitled. In addition, a lawyer can fight for your rights in court if necessary.

But what makes the perfect Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer? Clearly, there are many qualifications you should be looking for in one.

There are several factors that make a good Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer:

  • Extensive knowledge of Birmingham SUV rollover accidents. 
  • Experience in handling these types of cases before.
  • Will not hesitate to go head-to-head with insurance companies. 
  • Has a reputation for winning difficult personal injury cases.

Petro Accident and Injury Attorney have all of these qualities, which is why it’s a good idea to give us a call if you are ever in a position where you need a Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer. We have the expertise, the experience, and the dedication to win any case. Don’t wait until it’s too late-call our law firm today.

How Do Vehicle Rollovers Take Place?

Any vehicle has the potential to roll over. However, because of their narrower, taller construction, vehicles like SUVs, pickups, and vans are more vulnerable. They lose stability and balance because they are top-heavy and have a higher center of gravity. 

Why Are SUVs More Vulnerable to Rollovers?

 Birmingham SUV Rollover Accident LawyerThe risk of rollover in SUVs is higher than it is in many other kinds of cars. An SUV’s center of gravity is shifted to one side by any sideways pressure applied when making a turn, increasing the risk of a rollover. In proportion to your speed and the angle of any turns you make, your vehicle experiences greater lateral forces. Sharp turns to cause the center of gravity to change significantly, which prompts many drivers to overcorrect in the opposite direction and produce a “pendulum effect” that reduces control. The more it goes on, the more the car will swerve, which could cause a rollover.

However, the loss of steering control alone rarely results in a single-vehicle rollover. The most dangerous occurs when the swerving car hits something like a pothole, curb, or shoulder of the road that, triggers the loss of balance. This rollover is known as a “trip,” as opposed to “untripped” rollovers, which happen more frequently at greater speeds when drivers try more forceful changes in direction.

What are the Common SUV Rollover Accident Types?

Rollover accidents account for a large percentage of fatalities, although making up a minor share of all accidents. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, vehicle rollovers were the cause of over 35% of fatalities in passenger vehicles in a recent year.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tripped rollovers account for 95% of rollovers involving a single vehicle. These mishaps happen when a car runs into something on the road or veers off the road and digs its tires into soft ground. Accidents involving tripped rollovers frequently occur in the following manner:

  1. Rollovers in Soft Soil

Depending on the behavior of other motorists, pedestrians, or even animals, a driver may need to make collision avoidance measures. This can make a driver have to leave the road. The soil by the roadside is frequently softer than tarmac, which is the material used to make road surfaces. It could trip the car if the ground is too soft and the tires dig in.

  1. Rollovers of guardrails and ramps

Ramps and guardrails are used as road markers and as a barrier between vehicles traveling in various lanes. However, they can significantly increase the chance of a rollover when implementing collision avoidance measures. Depending on the other factors, this risk is higher. You cannot avoid hitting the ramp or railing, for example, if you are driving along a two-lane road and an emergency causes you to divert to the right. In this situation, depending on how quickly and sharply you turn, you could experience a trip rollover.

  1. Rollovers on steep slopes

SUVs frequently tumble over steep slopes when driving off-road. When making a turn while driving downhill, the motorist may underestimate how steep the slope is. It is simple for the car to tumble and slide downhill when this occurs.

In other cases, if the slope is excessively steep while moving uphill, the car may tip over. The center of gravity will be higher as the steepness rises, and the car may start to roll backward.

  1. Rollovers on sideways skids

Your SUV’s rear tires could occasionally lose traction, which would cause it to skid. This is known as fishtailing, and it can result in a rollover if the car hits a curb or a roadside barrier. These mishaps frequently take place on snowy or rainy roads.

What Are The Steps to Take After a Car Accident To Get Compensation?

If you are a car accident victim, you have a right to financial compensation for your accident-related losses if you were hurt in a car wreck brought on by another person’s carelessness. You will often submit a claim to the insurance provider of the negligent party. You can sue for a car accident if that doesn’t work.

Three things are essential to safeguarding your entitlement to fair compensation: documentation, perseverance, and patience.

Step 1. As soon as you can, take pictures of the accident scene.

An automobile accident’s aftermath may be chaotic. If medical treatment is required right away, that should always be your top priority. But as soon as you’re secure, record as much information as you can regarding the incident’s circumstances and the crash site. Having solid proof is essential to proving your car accident case.

Consult the witnesses. Obtain the names and phone numbers of anybody who witnessed the auto accident. Get a feel for what they saw and then probe more. Ask if they would be willing to provide a written statement or speak with an investigator. Your claim will be stronger if you can gather more evidence that supports your version of the auto accident.

Make a police call. Involvement of the police still adds another level of support for your claim. A police report is highly regarded by personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters. The person who caused the collision might try to avoid having the police involved. Avoid being duped by this scheme. Call the police if you suffer a severe injury, or your vehicle sustains damage. Protecting your rights and establishing your potential claim should be your top priority after the truck accident has left everyone involved safe. Information concerning the accident scene, liabilities, and damages can be found in a police report. Don’t skip this step in an effort to come across as laid-back or kind.

Take photos. Take pictures of the incident, all the vehicles involved in the collision, and your injuries using a camera or your smartphone. Note anything that might have caused the collision, such as a stop sign that the other motorist failed to obey or a poorly constructed or maintained road. Make sure you can identify the date the photos were taken so that, if necessary, they can be used as evidence in court. Assuming you don’t have a camera or camera phone, inquire about the availability of witnesses to snap photos.

Step 2: Immediately seek medical help

If you are hurt in an automobile accident, get medical help as quickly as you can. The best proof of your injuries and expenses is provided by your medical bills, records, and doctor’s notes. A thorough set of medical documents will give hard-to-dispute proof of your physical condition and back your settlement claim, whether you’re working with your own insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Observe your doctor’s instructions precisely. Follow your doctor’s instructions if they place limitations on what you can accomplish. Avoid playing tennis while claiming to have injured your shoulder. If your losses and injuries are considerable, you don’t want to run the danger of exceeding your settlement limits. Perception may influence whether or not an insurance claim is paid. Your claim will be rejected if the adjuster believes you are malingering or fabricating your bodily injury.

Step 3. Get property damage repair estimates

Gather repair estimates for any damage to your vehicle after you’ve taken pictures of the site and gotten medical attention. The majority of insurance adjusters will request an independent evaluation of the damage to your car, but if you have two or three independent quotes on hand, you may provide a convincing case for the repairs you require and their related expenses.

Step 4: Exercise professionalism, persistence, and patience

At any given time, insurance adjusters are juggling hundreds of claims. While it makes sense that your claim is your top priority, the adjusters aren’t always involved. Patience and persistence are necessary when interacting with insurance providers. 

In regards to vehicle crash claims, the proverb “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar” holds true. Keep the insurance adjuster happy if you want to increase the amount of your payout. Up to the point at which you are prepared to initiate a civil case, adjusters control the purse strings and ultimately determine your fate.

Never be reluctant to check in on your claim or make follow-up calls. Again, insurance specialists handle hundreds of cases, so occasionally, yours might mistakenly get pushed to the side. Don’t be disrespectful, though. If you stay in touch with the other party and act professionally, you might be able to negotiate good compensation for your auto accidents.

Step 5: Consult a car accident attorney

Your professionalism and tenacity may not always be enough to produce the results you desire. Don’t be afraid to hire a car accident lawyer if an adjuster is ignoring you or disputing liability. Adjusters may be persuaded to settle a car accident claim by the presence of a Birmingham car accident lawyer and the fear of litigation.

Who Is liable for the damages After an SUV Rollover?

In the past, malfunctioning SUVs that caused fatalities or severe injuries have been blamed on manufacturers. A personal injury lawsuit known as a “product liability claim” holds the vehicle manufacturer accountable for the harm caused by an SUV rollover accident.

The only person who can assist you in determining whether the manufacturer of your car, a careless driver or a combination of both are at fault for the accident is a Birmingham personal injury attorney. Usually, a combination of the following factors is used to make this determination:

  • Vehicle flaws existed at the time of the collision.
  • The time of the accident’s weather or road conditions.
  • Driver error (like distracted driving)
  • The reason why the car tipped over and caused the rollover disaster.
  • The type of injuries suffered by the drivers or passengers, and whether or not those injuries were caused directly by the car rolling.

In cases where a rollover happened as a result of careless design or manufacturing, SUV manufacturers may be held accountable. In other situations, a negligent mechanic or tire expert may be held at least partly accountable if it is shown that their work on the vehicle or the sale of their defective tires directly contributed to the accident.

Any company involved in the creation, production, or maintenance of your SUV, as well as another driver who struck you, may be found liable in a lawsuit. To ascertain the cause of the accident, who was at responsibility, and how you might obtain the damages that are owed to you, a thorough investigation should be carried out.

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Accidents happen in a split second, and it doesn’t matter if you were the driver or were hurt in the car. All that matters is that you get the treatment and compensation necessary. At Petro Accident and Injury Attorney, we’re dedicated to making sure you get the fair compensation necessary for your injuries because we know all too well how much these accidents change a person’s life.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an SUV rollover, contact the Birmingham auto accident attorneys at Petro Accident and Injury Attorney to discuss potential legal options. We will protect your rights and fight for your recovery. Call us now for your consultation.

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